Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What a week so far and blog candy winner....

Wow this week has been a crazy one so far. Sunday started with a call from my sister about some family things going on. That alone was enough to leave me sleepless for days.

I passed my driving test today! Yippee! Now I can drive again. How funny that I have been driving over 25 years in the states and after moving to England have to re-apply for a license. What an ordeal but it is finally over and I now have my freedom back. I have to say , I think the test is much harder over here and it is definitely harder to learn to change your driving habits.

So now I am playing a bit of catchup on my posting. I received this lovely Collage from Sam yesterday as part of the Pay it forward I am partaking in. Isn't it wonderful! I love the background and the colours are great. Thanks Sam!

Next I have a beautiful bunch of flowers I received tonight from Belles Dance teacher. She gave them to me for making the costumes for her.

Here they are almost finished. I have to say I think they were a bit more than I expected. They took so long to trim each one as they were over 3 meters round each. Finally they were all trimmed and ready for fittings by Monday. Today I finished up the last 2 for one of the boys in the earlier class and just Belles Tiger costume for Ballet is left.

Today after dropping Belle at dance we headed to the pub where I had a hot chocolate as usual. I then headed back to Dance while Dave ran an errand. Well I managed to lose my footing, stumbled and fell hard. I got both hands and both knees. OUCH! Here is the least bruised of the 2 although there are some really funny bumps on it now.

Here is the worse of the 2. Believe it or not it is not cut or bleeding. These are bruises under the skin. Very red , very swollen and very sore! As I am sitting here with my leg up writing this. Anyway, that was my fun story for the night. Of course my husband is telling everyone I had one to many at the pub. One too many Hot Chocolates or maybe it was the marshmallows and cream?????

OK so now for the moment you have been waiting for the winner of our blog candy by good old fashioned random draw. First I have to say thank you for all the wonderful comments. I have not yet had a chance to respond to all that I need to but I promise I will very shortly. Belle was kind enough to help me with drawing the name.

She mixed them up really well.

and the winner of the blog candy is.......

Sheetal Ahlawat

Congratulations Sheetal ! Please email me at Scrapbookcafe2@yahoo.com with your mailing address so I can get your prize out to you.

Now Belle decided we needed some more winners so she pulled out 2 more names and both of these people will receive a little something special from us too.
Sandy Ang
Please email me your addresses girls and I will get your prizes out to you.
well I think it is time to attempt some sleep. Maybe I can top last nights 3 hours. and then again maybe not. Have a wonderful night and thanks for stopping by.


Poppet said...

You have been in the wars this week Angela. I hope everything family wise sorts its self out and things start to get better.
Congratulations on passing your UK driving test.
Your "pay it forward" from Sam looks fab, great colours and textures.
Beautiful flowers, it must feel nice to know you are appreciated.
And last but not least "OUCH", talk about knobbly knees. I bruise easily but I've never had bruises like these. Keep an eye on the lumpy bits and if they don't go down get them checked out.
Oh nearly forgot Congratulations Sheetal and thank you Belle for choosing my name and thank you for your generosity Angela. I will email you my address. Big Blogging Hugs. :-) xx

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

Congratulations for passing the test Angela. My husband is also in line for the test. Last time he failed the theory test :)
I am so sorry to hear about the bruises. I stumble all the time around the house ( in fact this is the only common thing between me and my husband) Hope you
feel better soon. And thanks for choosing me for the LOVELY candy. I will mail my address to you.Thanks for your wishes Poppy :)

Sandy Ang said...

Congrats on getting your UK license. Be careful about driving on the left now. And how sweet of you to pick additional names for your giveaway. Thanks !

Christina Carnoy said...

CONGRATS on your driving test!!!!