Saturday, 28 November 2009

Well it has been quite awhile since my last post. In that time we have traveled back to the states for Belle to Dance with her Dance team from Tuckerton in Walt Disney World. This was planned way before the move to england was even known about so we could not cancel it on her.
She practiced so hard and was really looking forward to it. They did great! The girls were so happy to be there and it showed. Since returning to England Sunflower has arrived to join the family once again. It is so good to have her here. We missed her so much but now there is much re-training to to to get her to walk nicely again. Now a good part of my mornings are spent taking long walks with her. I am also starting to get more time back for crafting and with the holidays right around the corner it is not a bit too late. Tomorrow Belle and myself head out to a miniature show in York. lots of ideas are swimming in my head and I cannot wait to get started. I am also very excited to see Tims tags next week. I am looking forward to the extra creative push. more later.