Friday, 29 January 2010

Well once again it has been awhile but it has been quite busy and I am not very diligant about getting on the computer. First there was Belles Birthday which I had to make costumes for the girls, decorations and of course the cake. In all these years of making cakes for other people this is the first time I actually made one for Belle. Of course I anted to make the fairies from marzipan but because my husband eft the dog run through the house wit muddy paws the day of the party there was not enough time so the plastic ones had to make due. The rest came out quite well though and it tasted very good(as per the kids and parents).

My latest prject has been to re-organize my craft room. I have sorted all my papers by theme and color, Sorted and organized my accessories, tools, pens and all. My primas are sorted by colors as are my ribbon strands and I even displayed some of my TH 12 tags of Christmas in the window. Just a few more things to sort through then I am good to go.

Of course I did do some crafting during my organizational project. I did a sketch challenge on one of the boards. I forced myself to use old pictures from Disney that I never scrapbooked. This is a picture of part of the layout.

So now I will be back to sorting gems and brads to theme and color and this weekend I am hoping to get to another LSS about 1+ hours north of here. thats all for now.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Walking(Playing) in a winter wonderland

Well we have definately gotten lots of snow here and People are still saying "It really does not snow in York" Could have fooled me. Anyway now that the Stress, Illnesses and crazyness of the holidays is over with I can get back to some creative inspration and maybe I will actually complete something.