Monday, 30 August 2010

Getting back to normal...somewhat

Well August has flown by after flying back to the states to visit family and friends in a frenzy of running around. I thought I would have a bit more free time to keep up on the blogging while away but as you can see that did not happen as planned. There was just not enough time to fit everyone in that I wanted to so sorry to all I missed. Our trip was cut shorter due to the extra travel time needed to and from the Carolina's. So we arrived back in NJ just in time to fly back to England. It was nice getting to see those we could fit in but sad to not get to everyone. One highlight was that we did get to see my very good long time friend Victoria and her family on the way back to NJ although only for a few hours but after not seeing her for a few years it was nice to hug and catch up. Especially since we have been friends for over 30 years now! I cannot believe how time has flown. It was nice seeing my father, Brother and SIL too since we have not seen them since last year and of course my sister and the kids too. they are getting so big. North and South Carolina were beautiful but hot and sticky. The weather here back in England is so nice and cool in comparison although the DH is complaining already about the cooler weather.(he did not get to deal with the allergies and asthma attacks plaguing Belle and myself the whole time with the icky weather) So now that we are mostly unpacked and getting back to normal activities I am hoping to start on a few projects tomorrow. I was able to find allot of goodies to add to my crafting supplies back in the states especially when raiding my sisters stash...he he. I will post some of those after the next few days. I also found some goodies for giveaways so keep and eye out over the next few weeks. For now I will leave off with some of the highlights of our visits.

Beautiful moss hanging from the trees in South Carolina.
and the bird nests Belle made with it.
The beautiful view from our living room deck in South Carolina.
A tradition we always have to have a Mickey Ice cream even if it is raining.
Enjoying an evening walking along the beach.
A sweet surprise awaited us for our Anniversary....
My friend Victoria's dog Bruno. Such a sweetie and so well behaved.
The old Barn at Dads. It is a tradition for me to take a picture every time we visit.
Dad and Belle catching a few fish in the pond out back.
Thanks for visiting and Don't forget to enter our Blog candy over at Scrapping Sisters Sea to Sea. Wishing you a good evening and enjoyable bank Holiday tomorrow. Angela

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Blog candy from my sister and I!

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Taking a breather....

Well it took us 2 days to get to my dads(should have taken about 8 hours). Going 4 miles in 1 hour was not working, the traffic was horrible all day long....We wound up crashing in a hotel and starting back out the next morning. At least we are here now and getting a bit of down time. here is a pic of the humming birds out on the front porch for their evening feeding. There were over 25 of the buzzing around my head as I was shooting these pics. they are beautiful. Tomorrow I am hoping to work some on invitations for a special family event coming up....I will post a little peek tomorrow. For now I will wish you a good evening. Angela

Sunday, 8 August 2010

More spare time... what was I thinking????

Well we are a week into our holiday and I have barely had time to touch a computer. Not to mention lack of wireless access. We have been so busy running about seeing friends and family. Belle has been enjoying it and we did find a bit of time to craft while visiting with friends(I got my daughters friend into beading and had to show here how to start. Here she is designing and beading a bracelet for her Gran.

and her is the bracelet she did and this was her first time beading.

Here is a bracelet I did while we wore playing around.

Of course Poppy and Belle had to go crabbing in the bay for dinner(at least for them. I do not eat them. ick)

Then there was a beach day with friends.

and time in the pool(my favourite)

and here is a beautiful album a friends of mine made for me.

so as you can see it has been a very busy week not to mention the time change. I am still trying to adjust to that and the horrible heat. Not used to that either. Next week there is more running and visiting trying to fit everyone in before heading to visit my dad. Once at dads I will definately have more time as it is only him and my bother and SIL for a week. I will definately have a bit more time then. I brought some stuff with me so I am hoping to get some time for some ATC's and such then. But for now there is just running around and dealing with the heat. I will try to get back on again as soon as I can but until then have a wonderful week. Angela