Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Such a long time

Wow I cannot believe it has been a month since my last post. It seems like so much has happened and changed. Right around my last post we were headed for Florida and South Carolina for a much needed vacation and family event. Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy hit home while we were away and family tragedy struck just before the family gathering so it was more of a stressful event than relaxing as thought. We wound up with family gathering for a loss rather than a birthday celebration. When we finally arrived home a week later there was much to clean up and although our house and small development was spared any major damage or flooding the areas around us were not. Family and friends lost homes and belongings. I remember my first drive through one area heading to a friends house it was such a shock. all the debri around and the garbage piled high on the sides of the roads. not a pretty site. Many areas were without gas and electric for such a long time and some still do not have it. It was nothing fun to come home to. 
Things now are returning to what they call a "new normal" I guess it is about as normal as it will be for quite awhile. It is so hard seeing places we grew up in completely destroyed. I felt so guilty being away during the worst of it and then again with being one of the lucky ones when we returned. Most time since has been focused on clean up and trying to help where possible so no time for crafting. In fact I did not even walk into my craft room till last week. It was in the same messy state I left it before vacation. But with my darling husbands birthday fast approaching and an idea for a gift in my head my daughter and I had some work to get done. So into the craft room it was to brew up this villians themed hat made of paper. My husband loves Disney villians and while away saw some beautiful hats on display so we decided we would make him our own version for his birthday. Here is how it turned out. 

 the frame of the hat is entirely paper. It is then coated and layered with photocopies of various villians and layers of paint, crackle, gloss, Gaffer tape, sprays, inks, glitters and such.

My daughter and I had alot of fun making it and are really pleased with the result. My husband loved it. It felt so good to do a little crafting again.

Well now I gotta run, More to do around here but I will be back soon I promise....

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day. Angela