Saturday, 19 February 2011

What else can you use Dylusions inks for part II

Remember that fabric and catsuit we had to dye using our Dylusions inks since the actual fabric dye did not work? The origial fabric came out cream after dying with the fabric ink(see the bit in the top corner).We had to use most of our dylusions spray inks to colour the fabric as a last ditch effort to make the fabric orange for a tiger as we were unable to find any faux fur in orange.

Well after 2 days to dry(I do not have a dryer), I finally got to make the costume and here is the completed costume. The ink was a life saver.

We added bits of the orange and blak fabric fur to the catsuit, made cuffs and ears and now you have a tiger. And not a moment too soon as Saturday was the dress rehearsal.

Doesn't she make an adorable Tiger? She could not wait till the rehearsal today. This costume is for a lion king ballet number they are doing. The kids all did great at rehearsal today. I cannot wait to see them in the show tomorrow. Hope you have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.

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Sheetal Ahlawat said...

Such a supppperr cute tiger :)