Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Where has the time gone.....and a bit of a contest.

We are finally recovering from a hectic Holiday week. After returning from Scotland Belle had her first Halloween party with a friend of hers from South Africa. Her friend has never celebrated Halloween so together her Mom and I threw a party for some of their friends. There was some fun snacks .....

Watermelon brains, Apple mouths, Chibatta salted bones, Finger dips(he he this was my fav, the fingers are made from left over Chibatta dough), Sausage thumbs, Cheese fingers, Blood worm punch(Gummy worms), Orange Jack o lantern fruit cups, Mummy Pizza and more... I got alot of the recipies and ideas from the internet.

There was plenty of activities from crafts, treat making and of course carving the Jack o Lanterns. Although not all of them were crazy about scooping the seeds out of the pumpkin.
And of course The girls had to make some Halloween Crackers....
And the house had to be totally decorated....I really do dust....I do!

and of course once again we had to make her costume....This year she was a snow fairy princess which at the last minute she tried to change to a vampire....After I bought all the fabric and sewed half the dress...uhg...I stuck to my gund and made here go with the original choice. 10pm the night before Halloween is not the time to change your mind. This dress has lots of beading and snowflake details. We made the crown too.

So after the party and all I was looking through my pictures of Halloweens past and wondering where has all the time gone. It seems like just yesterday we were having her first halloween and now she is having parties and with boys no less. ....As I was looking through the pictures I got to thinking how about a little contest. All you have to do is look at the pictures below and place them in order of age. Then email me your answers to scrapbookcafe2@yahoo.com and I will send out a little something to anyone who gets it correct.
Here she is dressed as Belle in the blue dress. And of course a funky girly witch. this was another last minute idea.
Snow white. A good friend of mine Zandra helped me to make this dress. Since I did not know how to use a sewing machine she sewed the maching parts for me from a pattern. then I added the details. I have since taken a class for sewing and absolutely love it.
I made little Minnie Mouses boots and hands from felt and the head part from a black hat ears.

Little Snow white.....This costume was bought and then we found out whe had a sensitivity to fabrics and all future costumes had to be made or specially lined.
Pochahontas.....I still could not sew with a machine here so I wound up glueing and stapling the costume to make it fit.
Flower Fairy - Lots of glue and some hand sewing here.

I have named all the pictures so you can just use that label and put them in order. (even gave a few hints along the way) I will leave this open until next week for anyone interested in giving it a go. Any winners wil be announced on October 10. Good luck and thanks for following me. Now I am off to make some invitation samples and then to school. Have a wonderful week. Angela


Poppet said...

All the outfits you have made look FANTASTIC. I don't know where you get the inspiration or the patience never mind the time to make these awesome costumes. The Halloween spread looks wonderful. Will have a go at the picture contest later tonight after tea.

Lynne said...

Hi Angela, Great to catch up with you today. Hope your parcel arrives safely and quickly. Your Halloween party looks great fun and the food all looks yummy. Love the trip down memory lane, the costumes are fabulous. Talk soon Love Lynne xx

mandysea said...

OH my goodness!!!
WHAT absolutely scrappable photos!!!!
Eeeek at the food on the table...looks like the kids were in for a blast! Very creative!