Sunday, 25 July 2010

Finally Finished....Sorry 'Ive been MIA

The books for the leaving kids are done...all 10 of them

and I finally finished the book for the teachers and teacher helper who were leaving as well as all the teacher gifts and some last minute request from the teachers and of course the stuff for the bake sale...whew! what a week. Of course I was in such a rush I forgot to take pictures of the final books and jewlery we made. They did turn out really nice and the the teachers really liked them. Especially the flower pin. Remember the one I made from the papers the kids did. The school gave me these beautiful flowers
and the kids from the class I help in gave me this wonderful card and some great crafting supplies.

I was so surprised and touched. They even got me to cry when the kids gave me the card. Some of the things they wrote were so sweet. So as you see it has been a very busy week and I do have to apologise for being MIA and not pulling the name for the candy. I will extend it until the 29 and pull the name on the 30th. I have been getting all the comments but have not had much time on the computer till now so I will be catching up this week. Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for hanging in there with me. Angela


Dawn said...

I bet the projects were spectacular!
How sweet that they bought you flowers and they are beautiful.
I can tell you had a wonderful time with the children and they must have enjoyed themselves also if they wrote you notes.

Lynne said...

Hi Angela, sounds as though you have been really busy and enjoyed every minute. I am sure the children will have enjoyed you going in to school too. I will be in touch next week so we can catch up. Lynne x

Poppet said...

I'm so glad everything went well for the end of term. The projects you showed us were fantastic and I'm sure the teachers will cherish them. See you after you have a breather. :-) xx