Monday, 21 June 2010

Where bloggers create blog party still going....

Well it is a Sunny monday here in England and I am still blog hopping for the Where bloggers create blog party which began on Saturday June 19. Karen has put together this fantastic party and there are hundreds of people participating and posting about their creative spaces. I am sorry to say though that I am only into the b's though. I am taking a bit of time to read through the blogs and postings so it take a bit and I am a little short of time until wednesday.... I have to tell you there are some really amazing creative people out there. If you get some time you should definately check it out over at Karens blog My Desert cottage. If you would like to read the post about my creative space here it is.
I also create a little collage of snippits from my pictures shown below at the end of this post.

I just had to take a break from reading the blogs and post about this wonderful little blog Bella Vista which is part of the blog party. Barb is having this wonderful giveaway ... It is a lovely little teacup and book. Now I love teacups and actually have a little collection that I covet so this is up my alley. so I had to partake in this one and it is so beautiful. I hope you get to visit Barb for her teatime giveaway at Bella Vista.

Ok, Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.... or at least reading and checking out more create spaces at the Where Bloggers Create Blog Party! and with that I say goodnight and will leave you with a snippet collage of my own creative space which you can find out more about here and a heartfelt thank you to all the wondeful people who have left me comments on my post.I am slowly making my way around. Have a wonderful evening and happy blogging. Angela


zandra said...

Love tea cups, too! Just finished the list this morning! That was a lot of blogging.....hehehe, but so much fun.

Denise said...

Yes, I am still trying to get around to as many blogs as possible. Thanks for stopping by Bella Dreams!

Calico Petals said...


Thanks for visiting Calico Petals.
Your creative space is lovely, and i love your blog banner, so pretty.
Thanks for caring and sharing.
Jill @ Calico Petals ♥

lizzidroege said...

so lovely and your gram is beautiful

Terri said...

It is so nice to have a space dedicated to store our creative supplies and a space to work at...thanks so much for sharing yours with us. It's wonderful!