Friday, 25 June 2010

A new day....

If you are hear for the Where bloggers create blog party you can take a shortcut to my Creative space posting by clicking here and please do not forget to enter into my blog candy giveaway found on the sidebar or clicking here. I am still working my way through the list and am almost to the d's....I am loving all the wonderful spaces I see and seeing some great ideas. I would also like to thanks all those who have made their way round to visit my space and left such lovely comments. If I have not already gotten to your space I will shortly.

So now to my post, First I want to apologise for my downing post yesterday and say thankyou to all those who posted comforting thoughts. It was very kind. Now onto a new day....Today is a new day filled with birds chiping, sunny skies and maybe some creating inbetween reading posts. So lets head upstairs to the studio and see what we can do...

Of course my trusty companion Sunny is always at my feet.

So I will take a few hours of creative time to work on some of my current projects before jumping back into the blog party(my daughter wants me to wait till she is home from school to continue). Tomorrow or Sunday I will post another "How to" posting for anyone interested. Until then I will leave you with this bit of inspiration that I viewed above my front door this morning.

There are 3 or more baby swallows in there and mama keeps flying back and forth to feed them. I tried to ge a shot of her feeding them but she keeps flying away when she sees me.

Wishing you all a wonderfully creative day. Angela

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