Saturday, 5 June 2010

Im back......

but I cannot wait to go back to Bruges(Belgium). It was beautiful. now I know why they call it the venice of the north. Here are some pictures to share with you although it was hard to pick some since we took over 300. This is one of the best things living in the UK it is so easy to hop on a ferry and travel. Love it.

This one of a sculpture in the courtyard of the Sint Jansspitaal
I just love all the quaint houses with lace curtains and old wooden doors.

Here is a picture from inside the Our Lady's Church. The church has so many amazing details you cannot even describe all the beauty within. There was a beautiful organ and amazing carved out set of pulpit stairs along with beautiful paintings and much much more.
Here were on a canal boat tour. There was such beautiful Architecture everywhere and so serene.

and peaceful. They only have 20 boats in total allowed on the canal from all the tour groups combined. the tour lasts about 30 min.

The Our Lady church can be seen in the distance above while the buildings and many hotels and restaurants can be seen on the canal below.

On our walk to the Heiligbloedkapal (The Basilca of the holy blood) We strolled though a small square with ouutdoor fish sellers, a weaver....

and an adorable little puppet and puppet master. I t was amazing how lifelike he could make the puppet seem and how it took on a personality.

Since the Basilica was not open until 2pm we decided to have some lunch...Who do you think had hint she is a growing girl.....and spoiled.
And of course we had to stop and sample the chocolate.....

And more yummy chocolate and yet again more chocolate sampling. there were so many chocolate shops with so many beautiful scrumptious displays.

I will post the rest of the pics on my FB page later this weekend for anyone wanting to see them all. there was still so much we did not get to see in our short stay in Bruges. The town is filled with beauty and so much history we are definately planning another trip. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Now off to BBQ. Angela


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Crafting? Seriously Angela??? ;)
Oh no girl, there is NO time to be crafting when there is SO much beauty and history to see here!!!
Wow! It's beautiful and I'm thanking you in advance for taking me along with you as I cannot wait to see more photos of this lovely place!
The canal...just beautiful.
The Church...just magnificant.
The Chocolate...about 5 pounds.

Poppet said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed your visit to Bruges, it's a place I've always wanted to visit but as I don't have a passport it will have to remain on my 'one day' list. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. :-) xx

Julie said...

glad you enjoyed your visit angela. Love the pics. Esp the chocolate ones. Yummy.

vintagesusie & wings said...

What I wonderful holiday my friend!!! I want to go to Belgium too...It's a little bit farther from California though, darn it. Looks like you had a magnificent time & I adore all your photos. {300, a girl after my own heart}
Thanks for the journey...

Susan said...

yea what they said!!(especially Poppet & Jodie)

Can you see how green I am? The whether looked great, was it hot?

zandra said...

Love the pics and espcially, the chocolate! ;o)
Hugz, Z