Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The stamp man Challenge and blog hop.

Over at the Stamp Man Challenge blog they are having a Blog hop, challenge and award event going on until the 13th of January. I am a bit late in joining in due to some personal reasons and having a hard time choosing my project. You can check out everyones favourite projects of 2010 here. As I mentioned earlier I had a hard time choosing just one. My most favourite project was a book I did for Craft stamper but I cannot show that so I had to pick another. Everytime I sat down to look through my projects I just could not decide. It was between the layout I did of the Easter Mom passed away and the flower I worked on with the children for a teacher who was leaving the school. Well after much deliberating the flower won so here is my favourite project I have done in 2010. It is a pin for one of the teachers at school.

It is not as fancy as some projects but for me I will never forget why and how it was made. As many of you know I work at the local school as a volunteer. Well at the end of last term one of the student teachers was leaving to teach her on class at a new school. Now I had grown very close to this teacher and wanted to make something very special for her to remember her class by and that she could keep with her. We made her a scrapbook but I thought we needed something more personal. This teacher always wore big flower pins so we decided to make a pin with something from each child. Now since the kids were all only 4-6 years old we could not do anything too detailed so I brought in some stamps and inks and had each child stamp their own petal for the flower. Here is a picture of what they looked like.

After I trimmed them up and layered them onto sticky back canvas. I then inked the edges and coated them with a few layers of clear coat. Once dry they were layered on top of each other large to small and I punched a hole at the bottom through them all, then I fanned them around and scrunched them up. Finally I added a final coat of clear and a pin on the back. Oh yeah I had each child sign the front of their petal too. It really came out nicely and was a very special gift for the teacher. So this was my favourite project that I am able to show to you from 2010. I hope you enjoyed it now hope on over to the blog hop and check out all the other projects. Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful day. Angela


Christina Carnoy said...

That is very pretty!

sam21ski said...

Fab flower and love how you got the kids involved xxx

CINDY said...
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CINDY said...

Well I think the flower is very beautiful and I really enjoyed reading the story that went with it. I'm sure this project will hold happy memories for you and the teacher for many years to come. Thanks for sharing!! (BTW I deleted the previous post because I made some real howlers with my typing - must remember to check lol)