Sunday, 30 January 2011

Catching up.....

Wow what a week. It has been really tough catching up after being ill for so long but I think I am nearly there. A few more sewing projects (8 more skirts and 2 boys dance costumes)and I should be good. In the meantime I am trying to work on some other projects. Here are the 5 random items I received from Pat for the Swap I am in over at UKStampers Forum. Everyone had to send 5 random items to a person on the list. then that person has to make a project using those 5 items as the main focus of the project.

Hmmmm, This will be tough. I have played with the items and have the project about half done. I am somewhat stumped thoug as to how to continue at this point so I have put it aside for now.

So now that brings me to the main reason for this post. I want to start working on another tutorial but need a nudge as to what to make it on. So my questions are ..." What type of project would you like to see a Tutorial done on" and " What mediums would you like to see? " Your response to theses 2 questions is greatly appreciated and will help me decide what type of tutorial to post next.

If you leave me a comment with your response to these questions You will receive an extra entry into my blog candy. That would be 2 entries for today.

So now I must leave you as I return to my projects. My goal.....To complete at least one of these many projects started on my desk.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping in.



Poppet said...

I will have to have a look back through your posts to see which of the great projects you have made I would like to see first. :-) xx

Poppet said...

The mussie tussie or the pecan banana chocolate cake these are my favourites for now. :-) xx

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

Hi Angela,
I am new to stamping. So I would like to learn innovative ways to use stamps in different projects. I used a stamp on a ribbon,but the ink spread all over it :( I haven't tried stamping on fabric again.

Babe O'Mara said...

Hi Angela,
I'd like to see something for backgrounds, like brayering (not sure thats a word) or masking. I also like to see how to make flowers, either with paper or ribbon. I'm fairly new to stamping, only a year, but I love to learn new techniques.