Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Crazy busy, Matchbox swap Day 6,7, 8 and new goodies.

Monday was the first day back to my volunteer work at the school since all the snow and there is so much work to be done this week before the kids Christmas show. Unfortunately they lost all of last week for practice, costumes(had to sew 2 and finish off a few more of them today) and such from the snow days so it is crazy tyring to get it all done. There has been little time for anything else. So I apologise for not posting my matchbox reveal for day 6. I know I will be really busy until the show is over on Thursday so I am posting Day 6, 7 and 8 tonight. I Hope to be caught up with everything on Friday. So here is days 6, 7 and 8 of my Matchbox reveals for the Countdown to Christmas swap over at A swap for all seasons.

Day 6 - Come from Molly She decorated her box with a sparkly shell. Inside was another little shell ornament which actually came from her home beach. How sweet. thanks Molly.

Day 7 is from Becky. This cute little box held a little wrapped resent. How adorable...
And in the present was a sweet little ornament.

So now onto day 8 and this one is all sparkly with a cute glittery tree. My day 8 matchbox comes to me from Angela(Yes another Angela) over at down to the darling details. Now I have been trying to get onto her blog but the page is loading with errors for me. I know it must be my browser setting because any blogs I go to that are from "Cutest blog on the block" seem to load with errors. If anyone can brief me as to what I might have to do to view the blog I would be in your debt.

So this little box contained A cute little Santa ornament. Thanks Angela. I am sorry I cannot get to your blog to comment. I will be over soon as I get time to research the problem.

So a big thank you to Angela, Becky J and Molly.

I got a package on my doorstep this evening when I got home. last week when I was reading through my blogs I saw a posting from Jill at The stamp man about a US Artquest Napkin tin kit. Well after seeing a little preview I just had to get me one and it showed up today. I cannot Wait to get time to play with it. I have not had time to photograph it yet but you can see Jill's post about it here. It is filled with so many scrumptious things I cannot wait to to get my hands into it. I also got my Christmas downloads from Dyan at Art from the Heart ...More to play with. Oh for a few spare hours to spend blissfully crafting away to my hearts content.....Not...Gotta Wait till after Thursday.

and Finally for the last bit of my post for the day.....I have decided to have a little party....as if I did not have enough to do already but whats a few more things right..... A very good friend of mine back in the states Zandra, is having her annual cookie swap soon and I am over 3000 miles away. Boo Hoo! It is such a great fun filled night and I am missing it. I am really missing the fun things like that for this Christmas being miles away from old friends and family so I decided to have a cookie(or rather Biscut as the English say) swap here! (I hope you don't mind Z,I am borrowing your idea., Giving you all the credits for it of course though.) Now I know it will not be as good as Zandras but I will try my best to do her proud. I will definitely miss the bunch during their swap. Anyway, I will post some of the highlights from the night once it gets here. Wishing you all a wonderful night. Stay warm. Angela


Mrs A. said...

Hi Angela,
I have your Box no7 today. I love the little wreath brooch and will wear it on my jacket this festive season. Thankyou so much.
Valery W.

Christine Edwards said...

Angela, hope you are getting caught up with all of your busy-ness. I received your box #9 today...so beautiful. Thanks!