Thursday, 2 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas Day 2 and a Snow day

Well at least today is better than yesterday with the snow although there are still some snow showeres around. Today school was closed all day....Yippeee ....It a Snow day and what better therapy for a snow day than crafting. I will be spending the day catching up on all my crafting projects and maybe be able to fit in a few extra. So now back to the Countdown to Christmas Swap Day 2 reveal. drum roll please.....and my next adorable little matchbox is from Sarah.

Inside it included a cute little handmade ornament. Thanks Sarah. Now I am stil searching for where my number 2 went to. Because we are 5 + hours ahead here many of the posts are not up yet so I will keep searching and add a link later when I find it.

( (added text and link) OK I'm back and I found my matchbox over here at Blue chair Diary. I think I knew it was there all along but my short term memory is not as it once was . So pop on over here to check it out. It ia a really great blog and she is heading on a special trip soon so you can tag along too! )
So as I write this the snow has once again begun. Here see.......Glad I do not have to go out.

Well I am off to work on some projects. I will leave you with a pic of the latest addition to the family....Mr snowman....He was brought to life yesterday during a calm in the snow but lives in the front of the house because him and Sunflower do not get along. She keeps growling and barking at him.

Hope you are all warm and dry. Have a wonderful day. Angela


JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Love seeing the matchbox reveals:)
..still waiting patiently for mine to arrive. Hoping postie can makes it through the snow!!
Mr snowman is Fab!
Keep warm and enjoy your crafty day!
Jan x

Christine Edwards said...

Cute box for Day 2! Your newest family member is looking quite dapper. I had to chuckle about Sunflower growling at him. We had a dog that growled at the lion statues in the park where we took her to walk. Silly.

Enjoy your Snow Day!

Mrs A. said...

Hi Angela,
I am one of the lucky recipients of your boxes.Won't tell you just yet which one it is though. Got to keep the suspense going! Weird to think that your little box has journeyed all the way to USA only to come back home again to England.
This is going to be such a fun reveal. I still havn't traced my no1 box yet. I know it is out there somewhere.
Valery W. (UK)

Lynne said...

Another great matchbox. Love looking at everyones snow pics. Mr Snowman is fab. Take care and keep warm. Love Lynne x

Genie said...

Hi, Angela...It is Genie here. I love your Christmas Tree box just I love mine. That Sarah is quite creative. Mine is Box #10. Isn’t this just the most fun!?!?!!?!? Genie

Sunset97 said...

hi again! :)

just starting my blog hopping for Dec 2 matchboxes...i just now got my post up for the #2 matchbox that i received...

i love your pictures and your new addition to the family....and of course, i really like the #2 matchbox that you have received. it is very cute!

now i am off to hunt for my #2 matchbox that i made... :)

try to keep warm...


marie said...

Your matchbox #2 is very pretty! I love the colors.
I received your #3 matchbox and a post about it will appear on my blog soon. I love it ~ especially the angel's feathery wing tucked inside. What a sweet touch that was! Thank you!

Linda said...

Such a sweet matchbox and little handmade tag! LOVE the snowman!