Saturday, 11 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas swap Day 9,10 and 11

Sorry I have been MIA the past few days. The kids play is finally over and what a wonderful job they all did. considering all the delays caused by the snow and weather everything turned out great although we were all completely shattered come Friday. Today there was a bit of running around to do and decorations to put up before I could allow myself some computer time. So now onto the Countdown to Christmas Swap Matchbox reveals for Day 9,10 and 11.

Day 9 came from Sherry. This cute little box featured an adorable snowpeople family complete with glitter. Inside my box was an adorable little pair of ear muffs and scarf. the perfect size for the dollhouse people. How lovely is that. Day 10 Comes from Carol. Theis one was decorated with a sleigh charm and snowflake on christmas paper. Inside contained a beautiful little beaded charm that looks like an angel from the side. So pretty. Even the inside of the box is decorated with snow and a background.
Number 11 is from Jan and is decorated with christmas candies complete with a candy cane style ribbon. Inside the box awaits a beautiful puzzle piece charm. I love it. The bix is also decorated inside with a lovely little tree.

Thanks Sherry, Carol and Jan for the wonderful boxes. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings for day 12. Now I am off to catch up on my blogging and finish the decorating. Have a wondeful evening and thanks for stopping in. Angela


Sandy Ang said...

It's such fun following the swap boxes you receive each day. All are lovely mini-beauties. My fav has to be the one with the charm face.

Linda said...

great matchboxes! I love that puzzle piece charm!