Friday, 17 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas days 14-18

Well it has been a very busy week here so I must apologise for not posting my matchboxes all week. Monday was spent with rescheduled driving lesson, picking up DH from the train station and of course work at school. Tuesday was school then baking and cooking for the cookie swap...Here Belle is preparing her cookies for the swap. Gingerbread cut outs.

and here they are all finished and iced in blue of course.
The wednesday was Craft day at school then home to prepare for the cookie swap that evening. There were lots of yummy cookies baked by all...

and lots of yummy food to eat before the sweets.

Everyone had a great time and left wit plenty of yummy cookies and recipies.

So my cookie swap has been inspired by my friend Zandra back in the states. She is having her this weekend which I am sadly missing this year. I am sure the girls back home are having a great time at Zandras cookie swap which is awesome. I will be missing them all.
Thursday was a full day of work at school, then helping with the crafting activities in the Christmas church night at the village hall followed by teaching my last class for family craft night.
Then Friday was school again and helping out at the kids carol event at church then home to crash for a little bit before posting. Which leads me to Countdown to Christmas Swap mathboxes for days 14-18.
Day 14 is from Michelle and contains a sweet little bottle cap magnet.

Day 15 paris inspired by Lyneen and contains a sweet pin and ribbon.

Day 16 is from Valerie and contains a cute little ornament.

Day 17 is from Jenny and contains a cute star ornament.

And finally number 18 is from Michele with a beautiful little pendent.

Thank you Michelle, Lyneen, Valerie, Jenny and Michele. I will be by shortly to visit your blogs. Now I must bid you good night as there is another full day of running around tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful evening. Angela


Linda said...

Such a great group of matchboxes!

Sherry Edwards said...

Wow, you sound like one busy lady - but it all sounds like a lot of fun! All the matchboxes you've been receiving look lovely.

Today, I have your matchbox (number 21) - it's gorgeous, I love it!! Thank you, I've posted it on my blog.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year x