Monday, 8 March 2010

Nothing like the last minute.

Well, Belle had to dress up for school on Friday as a rainforest inhabitant but never decided what to be until Thursday eve. Luckily I had some fabric at home. So we cut it up, glued, sewed, painted and here is the outcome. She is a Blue morpho butterfly.
She did get a certificate for most creative.


Poppet said...

If this is last minute, I would love to see "had time to plan" could it be even more amazing!! :-) xx

debbie said...

Great job to you and Belle and hmmm that butterfly material looks very famliar from our trip to Joanns.... looks great. I love how she painted on it looks like she has your drawing talent

Debbie - miss you guys

zandra said...

Awesome job guys! love it!
Hugz, Z