Thursday, 11 March 2010

Found another....

Little Stamping shop over the weekend. Actually 2 for that matter both were located in Skipton which is quite a haul for us but with friends up there is is a nice day out. The first shop was the Stamp man and the owners were so nice. I got there about 10 minutes before they closed and they hung out and let me take my time looking around. I found some fun Mica sprays and stamps as well as a few other necessities and even some great sale stuff. They have a big selection of stamps and stamping products and have been around over 20 years but have just moved to a new location. I cannot wait to get back up there to take a workshop.
The second store was very deceiving. I do not remember the name but It was a big craft store which on the 3rd floor had a scrapbooking and stamping section. Friends of ours whom we had gone to visit took us over there before we headed over to dinner. At first I though it was going to be just needle point and yarns but as we went through each floor there was more and more including a great material selection perfect for my sewing quests. The scrapbooking department had a nice work room attached and lots of paper. It was more set up like a big box store like michaels and ACmoore in the states but they had alot of stuff and I managed to find some things no problem, I even found a few sale items there too. They had more of a cutsie slection of stamps and kind of reminded me of the Range but with lots of materials and other crafting goodies. All in all it was a good day and I got some good stuff to play with. Oh yeah and the brown butterfly paper....can you guess what pics I am going to use on that? Hint...I showed them a few days ago. Well thats all for now. I am going to get busy with my next set of projects and finish hanging the wash out since it is a beautiful day. Angela


zandra said...

Thanks for your sweet Comments! Hey, be sure to bring those mica sprays with you when you come! They look like fun, I want to play with those! ;o)
Hugz, Z
Diana, took that class, first time she was ever there.

Poppet said...

I'm not talking to you now, I'm so jealous!!
Have a fantastic time with your new stash.
:-) xx

Lynne said...

Hi Angela, Sounds like you had a great time. Hope to see you soon. Love Lynne x