Friday, 25 May 2012

then and now what a difference a day makes.

Here is a layout I did for the last SYAO challenge. We work from a sketch and have a list of items and techniques we have to pick from. This time I was very last minute and did not get my project completed until just 4 hours before the deadline of midnight PST Tuesday. that was the day Belle broke her tooth and I had to work so it was a crazy day in all but I gt it done.

It is not one of my best but I was determined to use this picture of Belle and Casey from years back. The 2 of them were so cute and I had picked up this CB diecut title Tea for Two which fit perfectly so I worked around that.

Now the 2 pups have been a terror together. They seem to act up and have regressed alot back into puppyhood since being together. Don;t get me wrong they are both great dogs. But Sun at the age of 6 had finally seemed to mellow and become a very good dog at least until she got a friend in Mona.

The 2 of them are trouble together as we are finding out. 

This is what I came home to the next morning after being out of the house for less than half and hour to drop Belle at school......

Yep that is the layout above torn to shreds. Now I would have naturally blamed it on the new dog but a similar incident happened when Sun was a pup. Plus the fact she was hiding when I returned home a sure sign she was the mastermind. I don't know what prompted her to jump up on the hutch and take it down though. All I know is that since the 2 of them are together there is lots of trouble. Day before this they ate Belles Childrens Bible. Of course that she left out on the couch for them so of course they thought it was theirs. My page was up high. Definately not for them.   Oh well. Guess they did not like the page much either. .......Do you think they sensed that from me....LOL  

Since this weekend coming is Memorial day weekend here in the states we have a 4 day weekend. Yippee! Only thing is being in a sure resort area we cannot go anywhere as there wil be lots of traffic and people visiting the shore so we pretty much stay at home. I am looking forward to 4 great days of rest and definitely some crafting. I have lots of catch up to do.

Thats about all for now. Thanks for stopping in and have a great day. Angela

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mandysea said...

OH NO!!! your beautiful LO! goodness me! At first glance I thought it was the kit you put together to make your LO!!! Then when I read - so can see its otherwise.

MAYBEEEEE - they were helping you scrap!!! Putting their bit to it!