Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A fun day at QVC

Hello all, Remember that contest I won awhile back with QVC and Dawn Bibby? (You can see my card here) Well, A day or 2 after they finally scheduled the date with Dawn then all of a sudden she was no longer there. So they rescheduled the day with Marion Emberson.(Above is a pic of Olivia, Marion and myself) I also got to spend the day with another crafty winner and real sweetheart Olivia from North Ireland. We had a blast and got to spend the morning playing with Marion's stamps and other crafty things. Marion is so nice and down to earth I absolutely loved spending the day with her. She showed us some fun techniques for flowers, stamping and such. Here are some of the cards we did.

Now aside from the crafty time with Marion, Olivia and I were also treated to a fabulous lunch and behind the scenes tour of QVC all organised by the lovely Laura. I have to tell you that I have a new respect for the people producing those shows. There is so much going on and so much that can go wrong. It is amazing how they just flow through it all so seamlessly. We to see all the studio sets and learn some secrets as well as getting to walk into the live Jewelry show and see how it all went. There was even a little sneak peak of the upcoming craft show goodies that would be available and they were simply lovely. our tour was given to us by the very knowledgeable Sam who seems to know everything and everyone. She was amazing. After the tour it was time for us to part ways with Marion and the QVC gals but before we left, Laura gave us these fab goodie bags....
Filled with lots of crafty bits, some Promarkers(love my Promarkers), some new tools, Martha Stewart punches(love them too), stamps, crafty kits, stencils and more. There were even some Jewlery making bits, makeup and a sweet QVC bear who will now have a place watching me craft in my crafting room. My daughter had a ball going through my bag of goodies.

After we parted ways, Olivia had to head back to the airport and I had to head to the hotel to meet up with my husband and daughter. We then headed off to the Natural History museum (Which I have to say I was not as impressed with as I had expected to be., I was so looking forward to the dinosaur exhibit but much disappointed)I think my favourite part there was the architecture of the building. We then decided to go next door to the Victoria and Albert museum. I have to saw wow! there was so much to see that we ran out of time. I hope to make it back to finish it off. There were some amazing display rooms with plaster replicas of various treasures from around the world too and there is a new display room for Italy being designed and the architecture details are amazing. If you are ever in London and are a history and especially love old church features I would definitely recommend it.
This was the glass chandelier that greeted you at the entrance. It was amazing and so interesting.
could you imagine having to wear this???? How would you fit in a door?
When the museum closed we headed for our next stop in Newmarket on the way home. Of course we had to sit in the London traffic. Yuk.

I think this was definitely a better trip to London for us that the last one even if it did rain the first day. Now I cannot wait to get home to play with all my goodies. Well that is all for now sorry this was a bit wordy of a post. Tomorrow will be better I promise.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by. Angela


sam21ski said...

Glad you had a good time at QVC and sounds like they tret you well, love the goodie bag too.

Well done again.

Sam xxx

Poppet said...

Wow Angela it sounds like you had a blast, what an adventure. The cards you made look fab and I would like a closer look at the rose it looks great even from a distance. Happy crafting with your goodies and happy playing with the cosmetics. :-) xx

olivia.martin1 said...

Hey Angela - checking out your lovely blog! You really keep it up to date. That chandelier at the V&A is fab - beats the design museum where I went for tea with my sister before going to the airport. It really was a great day (really tired today!) and I had so much fun meeting you and Marion and all the QVC folk. All the best and hope to keep in touch! Olivia from NI.

The Stamp Man said...

So glad to hear you had a great time in London Angela, you certainly packed a lot into your time there!! What a fabulous prize, I can imagine Belle loving your goodie bag:)

Jill x

Kate said...

What a fab day and the cards you made were lovely. What did you think of the marion Emberson stamps? I'd seen them online and been a little bit tempted.

** Kate **

Pauline said...

Wow, what a wonderful day you had, and a super stash of goodies too!
Love your pics of London, I went to the V & A last September, and remember that chandelier so vividly, it really is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda Brown said...

So glad you got to get to visit QVC and that you had a good time. How lovely to get a goody bag as well.
I love the London museums, have to admit I haven't been to the natural history for a long time. We took our grandchildren to the Science Museum and the V&A earlier in the year, the V&A are so clued up to having children and provide great workshops for them.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

The Crafty Elf said...

Congrats! Looks like you made some new friends, had an amazing time, got some amazing new stuff and saw some amazing new things. Good for you!

Michelle said...

Ahhhh you did get your day at QVC then - so glad! And thrilled that you enjoyed it along with your visits to the museums. I think the stone column carving in the entrance way is what I loved most about the museum.
x michelle