Monday, 25 April 2011

Too short.....and don't forget the blog candy.

We got to visit my new little nephew the other day. Here is Belle Feeding the little one. She was so afraid to hold him as she thought he did not like her because he squiggled and fussed a bit. this was the only time I could get some pics of her holding him.

Of course I spent hours snuggling him. The poor little thing has such bad Eczema that he is scratching his face constantly. He managed to cut himself just in the time I was there. I hope it goes away soon because he is too sweet to have to put up with that.

Here he is all tired out in his swing, and below on his playmat.

Now tell me he does not look like his Daddy..........Although he has his Mommy's ears(thank heavens).

I could not forget the pooches with a little loving during this visit. This is Lily. She just showed up on their doorstep one day and My Brother and SIL took her in. They think she was a breeding dog that the previous owners had no more use for.

And here is Rusty their baby of 14 years. They love to give Little Al kisses.

Oh, this I just had to share as I am always jealous when I visit my brother. Here is his oven....

Isn't it just amazing.....I love to cook so this would be a dream oven for me. My brother of course is a chef. He always makes us amazing dinners when we come to visit. As he did this time.

After The visit to my brothers it was back to dads. This was a layout I made for him a few years back. I love the quote on it and the pics are some favourites of Belle and him.

The next morning it was time to say goodbye to all and head back up to my in-laws. I always enjoy the visits with my brother and father as it is so serene down there and there is so much inspiration and beauty all around.....

Spring is always especially pretty with the flowers popping out and the morning rains on the grass.

Sigh.....After leaving there around 10 in the morning we finally arrived back at my in laws sometime after midnight......and they made us dye Easter Eggs....these are just a few.....

So How can my MIL look this well rested on Easter morning? Is it the coffee? Or did she sneak a nap while we were driving????

I wish my hair did not move while I slept. Mine looks like I put my finger in an electrical socket.....LOL.

So How was your Easter? Did you visit with Family? Do you have any fun traditions?

As you may know already I am offering an Easter/Spring blog candy . To be eligible all you have to do is keep leaving comments. There is some more information on my last post here. I will leave it open until the end of the month and don't worry it will have lots of fab stuff. I just picked up some more fun stuff the other day to add to the package. If you already left a comment on the last post then you have already received at least one entry and if you are a follower that is another. Any more comments between now and the last day of the month will also gain more entries.

Now I do have to apologise as I have not been doing as much blog hopping as I had hoped to this week since most of my time has been spent in a car, hence no Internet. I will be by soon though I promise. Tomorrow is another day of driving(some 10+ hours) and then I need to finish another project first but maybe after that or in the morning(since my timing is still off being here)

Sounds like we are getting another Thunder Storm now so I will tie this up for today.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the Holiday.

Thanks for stopping in and have a lovely day!



Jan said...

My dear Angela Thank you SO much for sharing such wonderful photos.... your little nephew is an angel and the spitting image of his dad. Such a shame that the visit was so short but you must have some lovely memories. Jan xx

Meggymay said...

I loved the photos you shared with us of your visit. The little one looks so huggable. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. xx

Zoechaos said...

How wonderful to see all these lovely pictures of your family and the places they live. He is a very cute little chap that new nephew of yours! Enjoy the remainder of Easter. XOXO Zoe

Poppet said...

Great photos Angela, so interesting. Your nephew definitely has his own looks, and yes you can tell who's his daddy. Belle looks like she's a natural, you would't think she was nervous at all. I hope his Eczema clears up soon. You do a lot of travelling when you visit family, you probably need another holiday when you get back home. Hope the trip home is safe and smooth. :-) xx

Clarky J said...

Wonderful pics Angela sounds like a wonderful trip all round xx hugs Janet