Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lots of catching up

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit but we went on holiday. Stupid me thought I would have internet access but my converter would not work and my laptop only lasted for the train ride. So much for keeping caught up. I had all good intentions.

Last wednesday We got to tag along with DH to Harrogate for a work show. What to do while in ?Harrogate? Visit Art from the Heart of course. Belle and I got to take this wonderful class that Sandy taught. We absolutely loved the class. It was full of Fun 7 Gypsies stuff. Here is my box. I did not finish the outside as I am not sure what quotes I wanted to use yet.

It opens up to reveal a mini book complete with lots of fun tags.

I just loved the papers we used. They were fab.

Here are some of my tags. I did some paper weaving with the scraps on the tag. (sorry the picture turned wrong)

After the class Belle and I went back to the Hotel and played with all our goodies from the shop while DH had to go to a business dinner. It was really relaxing and fun. We started on some more boxes until we realised we had no card with us. We contemplated using the brochures in the hotel room but decided to wait. (Chuckle there). We had to get to bed anyway as the next day we were leaving on Holiday.
So Where were we off too?
A short stop in London to start it off.

Then on a train......

And where would we wind up???
Here is a little peak.....Where could it be?? Big clue on the clock there.....

Disneyland Paris was our stop.

Being the Disney freaks that we are we just had to check it out. It was ok but I still like Disneywork Florida as my fav. Unfortunately the weather was terrible. Rain and cold prevailed throughout our visit.

And the wait for the rides was the worst I have ever seen for Disney. (worse than even Disney World at Christmas). Yes that says 100 minutes and that was during the Extra magic hours in the morning. Alot of the rides were 70 min and up. Belle only got on about 5 rides in 4 days.

So what else to do if you cannot get on the rides?
Belle decided upon eating.....

and Eating....

And still eating. Yes this was a Mickey pastry complete with some lovely Chocolate filling.

Then we hopped another train and headed into Paris.

Yep, Belle is still eating....

Still going....
We then took a stroll down the river to work off some of the food she had eaten.
We saw le Petite Statue De Libery at the end of the walk.

Even outside of the parks you could find Mickey

The day in Paris was probably the best of all the days we had there weather wise. It was so cold and wet for the rest of the time. It was nice to get a break for a bit. Although I had alot of catching up to do when we got home and we also managed to catch some colds. It was also back towork and school today. I got to bake Gingerbread cookies with the kiddies. Tomorrow will be a crafting catch up day and I will finally get to dig my hands into those fun new paints and things I got last week. So for now I will bid you a good evening and thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day.


Poppet said...

Looks like a good time was had by all Angela. The box book looks fab, the papers look wonderful.

On a side note, how are your knees? I hope they healed nicely. :-) xx

Sheetal Ahlawat said...

Aww, what fun you had. I willcheck back later for full reading.

Sandy Ang said...

even with the lackluster weather, Paris still looks like great fun. And that album with botantical prints look so enticing !