Sunday, 9 May 2010

Proud Mama.....

I have to say I am so proud of Belle and this hat she made for the Art from the heart anniversary weekend Mad hatter party. Yes she made the whole thing from conception on a sketch pad to wire frame(I helped a bit with that since the coat hanger was hard to bend), the material cover and all the sewing. It was amazing!!She was up all night finishing it as you can tell from her eyes. She asked me to teach her how to sew on my machine so I abliged and she is a natural. I cannot believe what a wonderful job she did and how carefully she worked. She was very determined and wound up with a wonderful creation...and she even cleaned up her mess. thats a first.
Carefully thought out she used a wire frame I helped her to shape from a sketch she had done. She suggested a wire frame because her teacher at school had recommended it.
Happy to be allowed on the sewing machine at last. she really takes after my mom here as she is just a natural at it. not much I can teach her. Maybe she will wind up teaching me.

Making the butterflies from paper and a pattern from a previous class from Craft Den in Sheffield.
Here she is sewing the 2 pieces together.
and determined not to give in to exhaustion until she was completed.

I was not going to make a hat but felt bad when I saw hers completed this morning so I put something together of course it would not sit right and was paled compared with Belles but at least it was an attempt.
Belle has some more pictures of the finished hat posted on her blog "Belles Creative Time" and will be posting pictures of some of the fun stuff she made and wonderful things she won at the Art from the heart Event tomorrow. Have a wonderful remainder of your weekend and it you like Belles hat please pop on over and leave her a comment. Thanks Angela


Poppet said...

Gorgeous creations Angela. I hope you don't mind but I added myself as a follower on Belle's blog. If this is a problem please let me know and I will remove it or if you can do it you can remove it yourself. Hope you had a good weekend, it sounds like you did. :-) xx

Julie said...

what a great job belle has done.