Monday, 21 September 2009

Desperate times....

Ok, Now I have to say I would not normally have tried this but we were meeting up with friends of my husbands from work yesterday and after all the homeschooling and other stuff lately I have to say I have not had time to keep up on my hair and such. So imagine my horror when I look in the mirror to find my streaks of grey are back. Not just a few but alot and it was hidious . I did not get a chance while back home to get my hair touched up and here I have not found a place yet. Ok, so what to do we had to leave within the half hour, no dye in site.....well not hair dye at least. I was desperate so I tryed my dye inks. Dark brown works wonders on grey, then spritz on some hairspay and instant grey masking and it doesnt come off on your fingers either. It does wash out in a day or so so it is not a long last solution but at least it worked for the day!
Gotta love those crafting supplies!

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