Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My little fairy doll.

 I have been taking a doll making class for the last 2 days at The Artsy Soul. Here is the little fairy doll I created from scratch(She really does have hands they are just hidden by the skirt.. We got to mold the entire doll and put it together.

 The face began with a tin foil lump and ball of clay. It was amazing watching the face come to life as we added layers of clay. 
Lots of body parts we sculpted.
 Time for sanding in layers from rough grain to smooth micro mesh for polishing.
Painting the face and body.
 Fitting it all together.
 Wiring the arms and legs. We used bead caps and jeweled spacers.

Adding the hair and sewing the clothes.

 Almost finished. I still need to paint her shoes and add her accessories.
It was a great class. Colleen the owner is a wonderful teacher with lots of great techniques to share. This was my first time taking a sculpting class and I can't wait to play again. I was lucky enough to take the class with my friend Zandra. Her fairy is so adorable and whimsical.  

Here is Zandra with her doll and her doll below.

So thats what I have been up to. Hoping to play a bit more and finish her tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping in and have a lovely day.  Angela


sandee said...

That's so cool to see a doll being formed like that. Your class looks like it was a lot of fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Christina Carnoy said...

Angela, that is awesome! You did such a good job!!!

zandra said...

It was a great time. Love your doll
Huga, Z♥

Meggymay said...

That looks like an amazing workshop. Loving your art doll, her face and eyes are so expressive, the dress is awesome.
Yvonne x

Anne said...

Angela you clever thing you. Is there anything that you cannot do, apart from knitting of course. Cheers Anne