Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Since we moved back from England now In our spare time we foster dogs. There are so many in kill shelters that can be adopted if only given just a little help. Above is our furbaby Sun along with Bella a foster. Sun is so good with them. She helps teach them right from wrong and helps them not to be afraid.

Today I had an incident with one of our babies, a 3 month old puppy named Amanda.
This sweet little thing got spooked when I went to pick her up from behind. So bad in fact that she ran away screaming to hide behind the sofa. I wound up with a bite and multiple scratches before getting her out. I then spent the next few hours coaxing her to not be afraid. We think something I did brought back a memory. But here is my question. What could someone have done to this little angel to cause such a reaction? What could make this puppy so scared she screams continuously when touched? It breaks my heart to think something so horrible could have happened to her.
I do not blame her for fighting back to her is is just instinct. She was scared. I am just sad that she got so scared. When she first came to us she would guard her food and bones. She has finally learned to trust with that.But again why should she have to. Why should she be afraid of being touched or eating all she can now in fear that there will be no food tomorrow. She is just 3 months old and should only be worrying about chasing bugs and playing with toys.
This is Lexi, our 6 year old Rottie foster who was recently adopted by a wonderful forever family. When lexi came to us she would get spooked just from my daughter walking past her to fast or someone yelling. She would yelp and cower. Look at those eyes. So gentle. How could someone have done something so horrible to her? Even though she was scared Lexi still had so much love to give.
It just breaks my heart to see them hurting inside.
People ask how we can give them up for adoption. Maybe they think I am a cold person or without feeling. But truth is I love each one that comes through as if it were our own. When I first started fostering I did not expect to be able to give any up. But by adopting them out we can give another the time they need to find a family.
Each one that comes through our house can get the chance to learn to trust and love again and get the little extra time they need to find their forever home.
This is why I foster.
Today we adopted out another baby 6 month old Bella. Here is Bella saying goodbye to Amanda. When Bella came to us she guarded her food and had just caught a horrible cold from the stress and such. We nursed her back to health and worked with her on her food guarding as well as house breaking and learning some basics such as sit. Today she got a new family to give her all the love she needs and accept hers in return.

I really don't know why I decided to share all this maybe it is because I am so upset over what happened with Amanda today. Whatever the reason, thanks for listening.
And if you have a furbaby at home be sure to give them a big hug or cuddle.

Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful evening. Angela


Clarky J said...

I am not surprised at all to learn you have been doing this Angela - you are such a warm and caring soul. The dogs are lucky to have you to help them regain or learn to trust - what patience and understanding you have for that - I bet Sun is an excellent mentor to them too. Huge hugs special friend x

Deb said...

I have tears from your story. tfs. It is so sad to imagine how these sweeties must feel to be so afraid. They are very lucky to have such a wonderful person like yourself to help them heal.

Meggymay said...

Angela after reading your post, I can understand why you adopt. You and your family are very special folk, who give those 'looking for love', dogs a chance to a better forever life. I have had rescue dogs, they gave us years of unconditional love and joy.
hugs Yvonne x

sam21ski said...

Oh Angela, you just brought tears to my eyes, if only there were more people like you.

I hate to see animal cruelty and posts like this really touch my heart.

Keep up the good work.

Love and hugs


Anne said...

Good on you girl - keep it up - you have literally given your 'fosters' life - the greatest gift of all. On behalf of all the past / present and future fosters - - - - thank you. I will give my two a big hug from you and send one back to Sunflower. Cheers Anne

Brenda Brown said...

You made me cry too Angela. I have cats not dogs, but it still breaks my heart to think what may have happened to them before they came to you. What a special family you are to give these gorgeous babies your love and support and to help them find new loving homes. I must congratulate you on all you do. Hugs from me and my two fluffy fur babies.
Brenda xox

TA Carbone said...

Oh Angela please keep us updated on the animals you are fostering. I have a friend who raises donkeys and goats and everyone looks forward to Saturday which is called Donkey Days. I want to be able to keep hearing especially about Amanda. Do you still have your dog that went to the UK with you

aka TA