Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mussie Tussie May day swap.

This was a very hard swap as I had no idea how to make a mussie tussie. I had a general idea and went with that and I guess it turned ot ok. I liked it. above is what my Swap partner sent me... a beautiful mussie with lots of hand made flowers. I also received lots of fun little handmade stuff in the box too as you can see in the second pic. Below is a pic of the mussie I sent my partner along with some fun little stuff I sent to her too. I tried to make the mussie springy and vintage. I also made a little book since I knew she was a new grandma and the picture frame with the fairy was my second attempt at my doll making. I am stil getting the hang of that. The bird house was just something springy I made and the bird necklace is just simple. I picked up the magnet in a shop in Amsterdam and was hoping to incorporate it into the mussie somehow but it did not work.
Enjoy and have a great day. Angela


Poppet said...

Beautiful gifts Angela. I don't know the meaning of a Mussie Tussie but anything that involves making something to make someone else happy is good in my book. The little brag book with the organza pouch looks gorgeous in fact I love everything. :-) xx.

zandra said...

They both are lovely! It was kinda hard to figure out. lol Have a great week.
Hugz, Z