Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What a lovely day!

It definitely is. I got to watch Tim Holtz talk about his new book on QVC at midnight and now throughout the morning I have been watching All the goodies they have for craft day. I even found some goodies I have not seen in the local stores to order. I cannot wait to get them. Whilst I was glued to QVC craft day there was a knock upon the front door and who do you think it could be.........Well the Post man of course with a package for me. It was my order from Art from the heart in Harrogate and let me tell you it was wrapped so nicely I felt like it was my birthday.

If you have never ordered from Art from the heart I would highly recommend it. They are so nice to deal with and they are right on top of things. I have always gone to the store for pickup so this was the first time I had them ship and order and it just made my day! Not to mention what was inside....he he.

My new Tim Holtz book "A Compendium of Curiosities" and the 12 new Distress inks. Ooh La La is this going to be a fun day. I have already stacked my inks neatly on the shelf with the others and peeked at the book. I love the details and directions he gives.
I have also been working quite hard both yesterday and today finishing up my Wonderland swap items. I am very excited about some of these. This is the first swap I have been in since moving to the UK and it has been so much fun so far. My swap partner is wonderful and it has been challenging to come up with themed items you make but I have always been one for a challenge. I will leave with a recipe ingredients list of items for my swap creations pictures will have to come a Little later since it is a surprise!
Ingredients for a wonderland swap...
Glossy accents, Distress crackle, Wire, Beads, Distress Ink, Stamps, Paper, Buttons, Index cards, Glue dots, PVA adhesive, Charms, Ribbons, perfect pearls and a few other items I am sure to have forgotten about. ........Now aren't you curious.....You'll have to wait. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


zandra said...

You're so lucky! The potion I drank while in Wonderland has left me with a sour taste. :o( You have to show us a peek of Tim's book!
Hugz, Z

Angela Weimer said...

Z, So sorry to hear that. I had that happen. Do not let it deter you. I will show peeks later today. Did SC get the books yet? It is so wondefully packed full of ideas. definately worth it. hugz back. Ange