Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Getting there

Yesterday I started work on a couple of planter boxes and flowers. Here is a picture of one of the flower pots. I do not think it is too bad for my first attempt. I was really happy with the flower centers although hard to see I used filiment wire then dipped in brown paint for the tips. Keep in mind this hole piece is maybe just a tad bit bigger than my thumb. Working with the clay was difficult as it started to burn in about 2 minutes. I still need to get used to these ovens. The other problem I was having was with my tools. I seriously need to get a couple good saws for my woodworking. craft knives just do not cut it. I broke 2 more yesterday. Today I think I will take a break from the miniatures and work on some Scrapbooking. That is after I finish cleaning and of course more unpacking!

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